Recovery and preservation of the endemic woods of cedar, Macaronesian heather and Canarian pinetree present in the Special Natural Reserve of Güigüi (Aldea de San Nicolas),which is one of the core areas within the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve. This goal is achieved through 6 specific courses of action:

- Preserving the prior habitat of the endemic forests.

- Improving the existing threatened flora and fauna preservation status . 

- Researching on the evolution of the habitat to improve its management.

- To eliminate/control the main threats affecting the Güigüi Special Natural Reserve.

- Recovery of the habitat and its natural processes.

- To inform and train the local porpuation on the importance of the Güigüi Special Natural Reserve.


- Development of specific plans of management and action.

- Definition and execution of specific conservation actions. 

- Follow-up of the impact of the before-mentioned actions and needed control/adjustment measures. 

- Awareness-raising and sharing of results. 

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