To achieve a stable reintroduction of the Laurel pigeon (Columba junoniae) in Gran Canaria, endemic species become extinct by the end of the 19th century, so it is needed to recover one of its habitats, the laurel forest.


a.- To generate a viable population

- Development of protocols and methodology to apply for the reproduction in captivity of the Laurel pigeon.

- Identification of spots and protocols for the releasing of the pigeons.

- Reintroduction plan of the Laurel pigeon in Gran Canaria.

- Captive breeding.

- Releasing of pigeons.

- Follow-up of the reintroduction.

- Predator control.

b.-  For the restoration, enhancement and improvement of the Laurel forests habitat. 

- Inventory and assessment of the woods dynamics.

- Plant production.

- Habitat improvement actions.

c.-  To get the local population involved 

- Issuing of information material for the project.  

- Actions to raise awareness either at local level or involved sectors.

- Laurel forests and Canaries endemic pigeons information centre.


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