DEVELOP is to encourage the advance and growth of all areas forming our Biosphere Reserve.

The continuous interaction between a geographic area and the people inhabiting it is what adds value to an area. Man and natural environment are an indivisible binomial according to UNESCO and its program Man and Biosphere (MaB) and therefore either human activity or the environment are looked after while these keep alive and evolve.

Our mission in this sense consists in promoting working models capable to keep a perfect balance between the socioeconomic development and respect to and coexistence with the natural and cultural values present in our Biosphere Reserve.

To attain this, we have set very clear goals in the following action areas, as set in the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve Action Plan 2013-2020.

In the productive sectors fields: agriculture, stockbreeding, fisheries, and handicrafts.

In the leisure and tourism field.

In the natural areas, landscape and forests fields.

In the ethnographic heritage and archaeologic heritage fields.

In the information, education and environmental awareness fields.

In the waste management field. 

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