Stockbreeding in the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve is characterized by the small size of the businesses, family based, and using manual techniques thinly mechanized in the majority of cases. The species mainly bred in the island is the goat, followed by the sheep. In either cases the production is intended mainly to the cheese industry, also strongly artisanal. Swain, not so frequent, is destined to the meat industry exploitation focusing on the island's market.
Shepherding, ancestral activity now in recess, is transhumant, this is, seasonal, due to the changing micro-climate conditions in the territory which forced to migrate to better conditioned areas every season. Transhumant shepherding nowadays, mainly sheep and also goat, is carried out on old routes, cattle tracks and road sections in their moves. This activity also favours the seed spreding, provides organic fertilizer and accumulates leaves and grass contributing to prevent fires and setting routes and roads.
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