Almonds are very important in the Gran Canaria bakery and the Tunte and Tejeda almond trees are responsible for it. The almond trees in these areas of the Biosphere Reserve bloom at the beginning of February and a bit later the picking of the precious fruit takes place. The almonds are classified in sweet and bitter, being each kind used for different purposes. Sweet almonds are, logically, used for traditional bakery of the areas in the top of the island, with the famous bienmesabe as an ambassador of the excellent quality of the product. Bitter almonds are used to make oil for various purposes: easing pains, hydrate the skin or alleviate skin itch. Almond oil is obtained after a complex process, using a wooden press called tralla. This magic oil, limited in terms of production, can be obtained in some shops in Artenara, or maybe out of friendship from a neighbour.

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